One thought on “Peer Pressure Game (Part 4)

  1. thank you for this game, Karen. I’m slightly confused about the GUC option in that she still had to find new friends, even though she decided to go with her old friends. I know we talked about reducing your scenarios, so it’s OK not to have a pathway to GUC, or that the pathway to GUC is shorter or smooth and the player gets an option to “try seeing what would happen if you went to AUC instead” or something.

    I like the diversity of the scenarios within the AUC pathway, well done.

    I’ll comment now with minor suggestions for improvement for the AUC path which you did develop fully and is OK as a full game without the GUC option,:
    1. The colors are not accessible. Pink on blue, and sometimes blue on blue. Check WebAIM color contrast checker and fix the colors please
    2. The last scenario with hijab does not have any consequences either way


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