Reflection on Digital Narrative Games

  1. Spent (

After playing this game, I felt that there are a lot of hard decisions in life that less fortunate people have to take everyday with no other choices, which basically affect their lives. Also, it made me feel how grateful I’m for the life I’ve and that I shouldn’t take it for granted.

I learned from this game to take decisions wisely and think twice before choosing any option because decisions, in general, whether big or small affect our lives in different ways. So I should be more responsible while taking decisions. Also, I learned to thank God for what I have after seeing others having no choice rather than dying/ not having enough food for the day/ not capable of paying rent, etc.

I would suggest to make it bit shorter so people don’t get bored while playing it.

2.Syrian Refugees (

This game made me feel sad for Syrian people and for their hard life, also the hard decisions they take every while due to the conflicts happening in Syria. For example, why would someone be forced to leave his own home or to stay at a refugee camp? This is so heart-breaking that one day you wake up being forced to leave your house for no reason and having no idea where you’re gonna stay for the rest of your life. It also made me feel thankful for the life I have and for being an Egyptian, living in Egypt with no worries.

I learned from this game that sometimes you have to choose other people like relatives or family over yourself to be able to choose the right decision of giving them a better life, for example. Also, I learned to be thankful for having a house to sleep in, several options for safe transportation services, and many other things that I used to take for granted.

I would suggest to add more questions in the game as it ends really quick, also they can shorten the paragraph or divide them into different questions so people who don’t like reading don’t get bored from it.

3. Losing a Parent (

While playing this I felt how hard is it for a person to lose one of him family members, especially if it is his mother/ father, this would literally break anyone’s heart. Also, I felt that life changes 180 degrees after the death of someone close to you, yes maybe they’re not here physically but you’ll be thinking of them in each and every decision in your life even after years and years of their death. For example, in this story he was always hesitant of the decision he should take, should I tell my sibling about it now or not? should I tell my girlfriend or not? He was so sensitive, which makes sense; however, after many years he tried to be more courageous and talk about his father normally yet it was not easy.

I learned from this game that I should be thankful for having my parents by my side. Also, as shown in the game, he always felt that people are treating him in a pity way once they know that his father died; however, I feel like if I was in other people’s shoe I would love to comfort this person, talk with him and get out all his hidden feelings out to be better rather than just being pity for him or making it even harder on him.

One suggestion for this game could be adding some graphics to look more appealing to players as the questions are really nice.

4. Single Mothers and Their Daughters (

I felt that single mothers really suffer a lot on their own, it is not that easy to decide to get divorced or even to be capable of making goof life for your daughter/ son without the help of the father, yet single mothers are too strong honestly and should be praised for the great effort they’re doing. I felt that single mothers are having 2 roles rather than one, being a father and mother; so they should be responsible for your food, health, money, education, and everything else, which is so hard honestly. Also, I felt that people don’t always put this into consideration while talking as the class task example mentioned in the game, where the teacher asked the students to write letters for their fathers and she had the choice to tell the teacher the truth or write anything just to do the task. So, I felt that we just have put into consideration in such tasks or normal daily talks that not all people have fathers/mothers and not all married people are together some are divorced as this game showed.

As mentioned above, I learned that I should put into consideration while talking that not all people have both parents and a lot of people have divorced people, so I should take care not to hurt anyone with my words even at a normal situation/topic. Also, I learned more about how independent and strong a women may be, and that being strong has nothing to do with your gender.

I have no real suggestion for this game as I really liked it, maybe she can add some graphics to make it more appealing to players.

5. Responsible Partying (

After playing this game, I felt happy that someone thought of doing a game that shows the “consent” idea and that even if the girl/boy was okay with it at the beginning and then changed their mind, this thing should stop immediately as they won’t be having the consent of each others at this moments. However, I felt it’s a bit judgemental, cause once I chose that I didn’t accept the liquor offer I found out that yeah you chose the right decision; yet, some people would chose drinking alcohol to enjoy a party, which isn’t a wrong decision to me as long as their parents know or as long as they know their limits.

Actually I liked this game because of the information that was presented after each decision I take and that it also provides statistical proofs. For example, that drivers under 21 are involved in 17% of all alcohol-related fatal, which was a new information to me. Also, I liked that it opened up different topics as teenagers drinking alcohol, having sex, consent, etc; which can be considered as a knowledgeable and beneficial game for some people

One thing that would be improved in this game is the to increase the options/ questions, because paragraphs are too long however there are only few questions to be answered.

6.September 7th, 2020 (

While playing this game, I felt that people should be more responsible in corona times and that are a lot of new extra decisions taken daily because of covid-19 that weren’t there 2 years ago.

I learned from this game that some small decisions would make a great difference and show people how responsible/ careful you’re.

I had one concern about this game that a lot of the questions had only 1 choice, so you have no option other than clicking on this options. I would suggest to add different options/ choices to make it more fun.

Reflection about the 6 games:

I honestly liked all games, especially that each and every one has its unique idea. Also, I enjoyed reading the introduction/ ending of the game where they connected the game to their real lives. One thing that is common in all the games that I played is that there’s always a decision you’ve to take, and after taking it you whether reach a good or bad ending. I liked that there are several questions, which can be reflected as “trials” in real life, you don’t reach a bad ending from the first wrong option you choose; yet, you have to put into consideration the consequences of this decision. Also, another common thing is that most of the games made me feel thankful for something I have and used to take if for granted. To clarify, most of the games showed real-life problems of other people, so when I start thinking about my life I feel like I’m thankful for all what I have. However, what is not common between them is the topic itself, that each game has its own different scenarios. Lastly, each of the 6 games taught me a valuable lesson in life, which made them all interesting and knowledgeable too.

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